About Us

EQL is an online consulting web portal is built to cater to the needs of clients on corporate, legal, taxation, accounting, and compliance domains across India. An EQL card is a wallet card cum debit card that can be used for transactions relevant to business like Government payments - MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs), FSSAI, GST,IT, and others.

EQL simplifies the reimbursement process, ensures maximum claim of the tax deductions, and makes the expense approval real-time. With EQL, the expense reimbursement process will be transformed. EQL cards can help the team members to have the freedom to access funds seamlessly, 24x7 for 365 days.

Why EQL Card?

Accessing funds in the current account is restricted to the CFO and the Finance Department. However, team members require continuous access to funds for various miscellaneous official expenses like travel, hotels, advertisements, taxis, and more. To gap this bridge, in the normal circumstances, the employees spend on their credit or debit card and claim expenses at the end of a month-leading to additional processes,lengthy settlement times, and risks. EQL Card was created exclusively for startups and small businesses to provide easy access to funds to the staff members with fine-tune control.


EQL is packed with some amazing features as listed below:

Fully Integrated: EQL has API access to GSTN and is integrated with various banks,for providing easy banking facilities on one portal. One can have the details of all transactions done with various banks in real-time. Fetch and push the auto-prepared returns to GSTN in a click using UPI

Real-time support: Get real-time support on chat and access the videos and articles on how to use EQL for your business

Quick Setup: he whole process to sign up and use the EQL is quick. One can sign in using one’s Google account or Facebook account and start exploring EQL.