EQL for Start-ups

While forming a start-up, apart from the incorporation and other legalities, the complex accounting and business operations are also to be taken care of. Time plays a crucial role here. How about easing the burden of complex accounting and business operations? The answer is EQL.

An EQL Business current bank account can be opened by small businesses. EQL is a boon for start-ups as it will simplify accounting and business operations. EQL will be interlinked with in-house accounting software which will take into account all the transactions that are conducted eliminating the need to of generating a bank statement separately.

With deep integration into various fin-tech platforms, EQL helps small business owners to focus on building one's business as the accounting and integration are handled by LEDGERS. One can Customise the EQL card by adding designation,company name, etc. EQL Business Current Account is powered by major New AgeBanks, ICICI Bank, and State Bank of Mauritius respectively to provide a seamless platform for Small and Medium enterprises.

Why is EQL beneficial for Startups?

Packed with powerful features: Our full-fledged accounting software supports a multi-user interface, multi-branch environment with extensive audit trail, and internal controls.

Easy operations: The interfaces are simple and easy to understand. At a click, one can issue estimates, invoices, receipts, purchase invoices, and more.

Mobile application: The best part is there is a mobile application to help you throughout. An additional feature is Mobile Application which facilitates easy onboarding of the customers, issue estimates, generate invoices and accountsstatements on the go.

Backup and Security: Backed by multiple AWS and Google data centers with best-in-class security protocols, instant fail-overs, and data backup, ensures that your data is secure and never lost.

24*7 Availability: Cloud-based solutions ensure that the data of the business is available anytime, anywhere over multiple platforms like desktop or mobile applications.

Insights and Reports: One gets a better and deeper insight into the business with the reports generated. The generated reports are available in PDF or excel format.

Setting up a startup is a task but when the accounts and the operations are managed by us, one has plenty of time to look at building business, making it easier for the entrepreneurs.